AC Repair Salt Lake City

May 1, 2019

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their air conditioner until it doesn’t work. And that is usually on a very hot day. To prevent this from happening, there are steps you can take to help maintain your air conditioning unit before ac repair Salt Lake City becomes necessary.

On a monthly basis, change your air filter.

This is easy to do, and one of the best things you can do for your air conditioner. If your filter becomes too dirty to work, it not only affects the air quality negatively but puts stress on your HVAC system.

Inspect the fins.

Your air conditioner has a condenser and an evaporator. Both of these have fins. These fins can bend and restrict airflow over time. Checking them regularly is part of important maintenance for your air conditioner.

Check the drain.

There is a fundamental part of all air conditioning systems that allows the condensation created in the unit to drain outside. Consequently, this drain can become clogged impeding the drainage. Checking the drain periodically will ensure your AC is functioning properly and efficiently.

Clean the Coils.

Coils are an essential part of your central air conditioning system. Their function is to assist the refrigerant to absorb the heat and cool your home. As a result, they can become insulated with dirt over time. This hinders the amount of heat they are able to absorb. Further causing your air conditioner to work harder than normal.

Schedule an AC Maintenance Appointment With a Professional HVAC Company.

If any of the above steps seem above your abilities, or you just don’t have the time, no worries.

Trained technicians can quickly clean and inspect your air conditioner. Likewise, they can determine if it is functioning at optimal levels. If they find an underlying issue, then they are ready to perform the proper ac repair Salt Lake City.

Signs for AC Repair

There are a few basic signs you can watch out for when it comes to your central air. If you notice the air is blowing warm, or very little is coming out the vents, it’s time to call a professional HVAC company. Further, if there are unusual noises or odors, you will want to schedule air conditioner repair as soon as possible. Air conditioners will start and stop throughout the course of the day, but if this is happening constantly, you need air conditioning repair. If you see any leaks or notice high humidity levels in the air, having an HVAC technician come to your home is most likely the best solution.

Top AC Maintenance and Repair Salt Lake City

Same Day Heating & Air is the leading full-service air conditioning contractor in Northern Utah. We offer ac maintenance, ac repair, ac tuneups, ac replacement, and ac installation. Whether your air conditioner is brand new, a few years old, or you have no idea how old it is, we can help. We can help you keep it clean, maintained, serviced, and running as efficiently as possible.

Rely on Same Day Heating & Air for your AC repair Salt Lake City. Including all the inspections, tune-ups and maintenance on your air conditioner. Additionally, we can replace, and install a new one if that time has come. Call Same Day Heating & Air today for all your air conditioning needs today (801) 726-3329.

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