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The situation didn’t look good when Larry, one of our SameDay Consultants, approached the small suburban home. Rolls of old carpeting, remnants of kitchen cabinets, and heating system ductwork littered the front yard. The woman who answered the door was quiet, but welcoming. As Larry stepped inside, the home’s temperature caught his immediate attention. Although it was early fall, the interior air felt as brisk as a cold winter day. No wonder the woman and her six children stood bundled in blankets and coats.

Heating In Salt Lake CityLarry listened carefully as the woman told her story: The family had emigrated to Salt Lake City from the tropical island of Tonga less than a year earlier. Intent on remodeling, the father had ripped out large parts of the home’s interior, only to abandon the family in the midst of the renovation project. Now, with their first winter approaching, the family was beginning to appreciate the importance of that carpeting and jumbled ductwork strewn about the front yard.

A Personal Mission

Larry began a personal mission that day: This family needed to heat their home and it needed to happen soon. He went to work, using his spare time to call every heating system manufacturer and public assistance program he could think of, but without success. No one had an assistance program that would apply to this family.

The first storm of the winter season left the area blanketed with snow. To make matters worse, the young mother became hospitalized with a sudden illness, leaving the eldest daughter (age 15) to care for her five siblings. The family turned to portable electric units and the kitchen range for heat.

Larry was determined to find help. Finally, he located several public assistance programs that could provide partial funding for a new heating system. Still, together the assistance programs covered less than half of the cost of a new heating system. At wits end, Larry turned to his boss at SameDay and explained the situation. His boss said, “Get going on that job. This family needs heat!”

By the time the woman returned from the hospital, the family had a new heating system and the house was warm.

It’s All About People

You see, at SameDay, it’s all about people. While we aren’t in the business of giving away heating systems, we are in business to make a difference in people’s lives. Did we succeed? Ask Larry. Ask this woman and her children. In fact, ask anyone who works at SameDay.

Our work means more to us than dollars and cents. We support our community and know we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Our people at SameDay will always be recognized for their heart, as well as their superb technical and service skills. We think that’s what it takes to be a success, so we value good common sense and tremendous capacity for caring.

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