I wouldn’t exactly say I am a foodie, but I love food and I want it to taste amazing! My mother was an excellent cook and it taught me to appreciate great tasting food.  I love to cook for others as well and love to see the look on their faces when they experience a dish I have prepared. Not only do I appreciate food but I love enjoying a relaxing time sitting around a table with good food and company.  A dining experience is more than great food. It has to do with the lighting, music, decor and the mood. Whether I am at home, at a friends house or at a restaurant, I love to gather around a tabled and enjoy my surroundings. I have been to several restaurants in Salt Lake City and I have loved the atmosphere, food, and the overall dining experience. It makes me want to experience it again and again.   

The first restaurant that I can’t wait to experience again is the Red Iguana, which is the best Mexican food I have tasted besides my mothers.  It was flavorful and authentic and ever so comforting. The actual restaurant was crowded and there was nothing special about the inside or outside of the restaurant but I am telling you the food is amazing and is totally worth any wait in line.  

The second restaurant in Salt Lake City that I also loved going to is Benihanas.  There is a Benihanas that I have been to in Beaverton Oregon as well but the Salt Lake City location had such a neat atmosphere. The building was much older in Oregon and the lighting was much darker.  The Salt Lake City location had a more modern feel and look. I love Japanese food and the food at Benihanas is fantastic. My husband and children love it as well and we often go for birthdays and special occasions. Not only is the food excellent but they make it a fun dining experience.  They grill the food right in front of you and put on a show for guests. They joke and laugh and do all kinds of fun tricks including juggling knives, dancing shrimp and an onion volcano. They really put on quite a performance and make it a fun occasion.

The next restaurant I would like to highlight is Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I have been to a steakhouse in Portland as well, but this Salt Lake City location was fantastic.  I absolutely love a good steak and they do it well here. Everything was cooked to perfection and the tastes and smells really awakened my senses.  The food makes you want to take your time and enjoy every last bite. Oh, and don’t get me started on the dessert! I could go on and on about the Creme Brulee. Not many people do it well but these guys really know how to make it rich and creamy and bake it to a golden perfection.  


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