Benefits of Home Security & Automation Systems

Up until recent history, the idea of a home security and automation system seemed like a distant fantasy only achievable by the likes of the Jetson’s. Nowadays, however, these systems are dominating the marketplace, causing many homeowners to wonder about their advantages.

Are home security and automation systems worth the investment? We’re glad you asked! Installing a home security or automation system in your Salt Lake City home can provide many unique benefits. Read on to find out if home automation and security is right for you.

Why Install a Home Security or Automation System?

Enhanced Security

Perhaps the greatest advantage to home security systems is the improved safety. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), break-ins are the second-most common property crime behind larceny and theft. With a home security system in place, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of experiencing a break-in event. Don’t believe us? Even criminals agree:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Because home automation systems can be remotely controlled from your smartphone, you can help improve energy efficiency by powering off systems and appliances that aren’t in use. Not only that, but you can set timers on your home’s major appliances to stick to a greener schedule, including lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and more. Some systems will even actively monitor your devices and provide a warning when energy consumption is higher than normal to help homeowners be more conscientious about their usage throughout the day.

Improved Functionality

Smart home devices can help improve the functionality of your devices and your overall user experience as well. For instance, an automation system for your HVAC equipment can identify potential problems ahead of time, alerting homeowners when maintenance needs are required to improve system performance. Likewise, automation systems can use the data gained from your connected devices to identify opportunities for enhanced performance to allow for a smoother user experience.

Increased Savings

It may come as a surprise that home security and automation systems offer great savings to homeowners who choose to install them. Not only will you prevent against expensive replacements due to theft, but installing a home security system can also afford you special discounts through your homeowners’ insurance provider.

Additionally, the money you save on your monthly energy expenses thanks to your home automation system will pay for the cost of installation in no time. More than the money savings, however, homeowners also enjoy a great deal of time savings: No more wasted trips home after forgetting to turn off the lights. Simply open the app from your phone, shut off the device, and go about your day!

Home Security & Automation System Installation in Salt Lake City

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