4 Reasons to Clean Your Air Ducts

air duct cleaning

Unlike many common household appliances and HVAC systems, there is no rulebook for how often you should clean your air ducts. The EPA recommends doing so once every 3-5 years. However, those who have severe allergy issues have found that cleaning their air ducts more regularly helped alleviate their symptoms. Luckily, we’re here to make … Continued

How to Maintain a Central Air System

maintain forced air system

Having a forced air system is a common luxury in Utah because of the efficient heating and cooling of the home. However, like all luxuries, maintenance is needed every so often. Properly maintaining your central air system will allow it to work better, thus saving you money in bills and future repairs. Air Filters A … Continued

How to Manage Pet Dander In Your Home

Pet Dander

Our furry little friends aren’t just household pets, they’re actual members of the family! Unfortunately, these new brothers and sisters shed enough of their dander to trigger allergic reactions and lower indoor air quality. Luckily, there are ways you can manage dander levels if you or a loved one happens to be sensitive to it. … Continued

Duct and Cover


As summer fades into fall, it’s time to start thinking about your heating and ventilation system again. When it comes to your duct work, the term “out of sight, out of mind” rings true for many homeowners. However, ignoring problems with your duct work could leave you out in the cold. Below are some things to look … Continued

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