Is My Thermostat Broken?

broken thermostat

When your furnace decides that it doesn’t want to turn on, don’t let the worry sink in right away. You may think that the furnace is broken, but it may be the thermostat that is fried. Learning how to test a faulty ​thermostat​ could save you from fixing a furnace that doesn’t need repair. Step … Continued

Natural Ways to Save on Heating Costs

The goal for many people this winter is to save on heating costs. This is a hard feat to accomplish when the temperatures reach below the freezing point. Luckily for you there are ways to save on heating costs without leaving you to suffer in the cold. Install Curtains – Almost half of the heat … Continued

Tips on How to Fight the Dry Winter Air

winter air

The cold winter weather will force windows to close and heating systems to remain on. A lack of outside air will result in a drier, and overall poorer, quality of air. Take a stand and fight against the low indoor air quality during the wintertime. Humidifiers Keeping the windows closed and the heat on will … Continued

Types of Furnace Filters

Keeping your heating system well maintained will increase its efficiency and lifespan. A simple way to do this is to replace the furnace filter every so often. There are several different types of furnace filters you can choose from to install in your home’s heating system. Disposable A furnace filter on the cheaper side will … Continued

What Does A ​Furnace Inspection with SameDay Heating & Air Entail?

A lot of homeowners are unsure to have their gas furnaces inspected. It turns out that fall is the best season to have your furnace inspected by a professional. After all, it’s better to be warm and safe than sorry and cold this winter! So what does a furnace inspection with SameDay heating & air … Continued

Does Your Furnace Have The Green Sticker of Approval?

Have you ever wondered by your furnace has a green sticker on it? If your furnace has the green sticker of approval, it means that it was inspected by licensed heating professional. This certification implies that your furnace will efficiently and safely burn the natural gas supply. Is This Really Necessary? Having the green sticker … Continued

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