What Your Plumbing Says About You


If a plumber were to come to your house for a repair, they could know everything about your habits without ever even knowing you. Based on the issue that they are there to fix, they will know exactly how you caused it. Mold in the Bathroom If a plumber comes for a repair and sees … Continued

Why Does My Shower Whistle


It’s been a long and tiring day and all you want to do is take a nice, hot shower and relax. So you go into your bathroom, turn on the shower, and you hear ­­a loud high­pitched whistle! Not only is this noise an unpleasant one to hear, but it can also mean that there is … Continued

How To Snake A Drain

drain snake

Have you ever had a clogged toilet or drain that couldn’t be fixed with a plunger? Meet the solution to that problem ­­the ​drain snake!​ Knowing how to use this handy tool can help you clear the toughest of blockages. Step 1:​ The simplest part of this process is going to the store and actually … Continued

Low Water Pressure in Your Home

  Having low water pressure in your home can extend the time it takes to do laundry, take showers, and even go to the bathroom. This problem can affect a single plumbing fixture or the entirety of your home’s plumbing. It’s best to check each area in your home to see how many fixtures are … Continued

What to Do When a Pipe Freezes

pipe freezes

Throughout the winter there are some days and nights where the temperature drops below the freezing point. These conditions are terrible for your home’s plumbing because water pipes can freeze and burst open. There are measures you can take to avoid your pipes from freezing, but sometimes the unthinkable can happen anyways. Locating On nights … Continued

DIY Drain Cleaning Tips

Throughout your home there are many drains and all of them have the possibility of clogging or becoming backed up. Sometimes it’s because an overload of waste, and other times it will be because of things that shouldn’t be put down the drain. When the time comes to unclog a drain, it is best to … Continued

Why Your Faucet Leaks

faucet leaks

Each home will contain at least one faucet per bathroom, kitchen, and slop sink; and if there are any on the outside of your home. These faucets have the ability to start leaking for a multitude of different reasons. Experiencing these leaks will cause you to waste water, and more importantly — money! Oh No, … Continued

Prevent a Plumbing Disaster This Thanksgiving

Did you know that plumbers get a lot of calls on Thanksgiving? It is due to the fact that family and friends are spending the holiday together. More people in your home equals more usage of your plumbing system. From clogged drains to clogged toilets, anything can happen. Below are some tips on how to … Continued

Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink

Kitchens are the focal point in many homes. It is the epicenter of meal making, family dinners and countless memories. Since kitchens are the center of all the action, it is no surprise that they are the most important room in your home to update. Having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen equipped with the most advanced … Continued

Your Trusted Salt Lake City Plumber for Home Renovations


Some homeowners buy a fixer upper so they can turn it into their dream home. Painting is a great project that usually doesn’t require the expertise of a professional. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, taking a do-it-yourself approach to plumbing may not be such a good idea. If you are interested in fixing … Continued

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