No matter where you are in your education and what field you would like to go to, Salt Lake City is an outstanding place to get an education. There are 10 plus colleges or universities in Salt Lake City, all within 15 miles of City Center.

Eagle Gate College is a small two-year private college offering undergraduate programs. Eagle Gate College has an open admission policy which permits enrollment by any high school graduate or GED holding student.  Eagle Gate College enrolls about 160 students full-time and just over 100 part-time. Tuition is approximately $25,000 a year.

Latter-day Saints Business College is a small two year school offering undergraduate programs and has a religious affiliation with the Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) faith. Over half of students focus on Business.

Broadview Entertainment Arts University provides specialized career training for health science, business, legal science, information technology and entertainment arts. Less than 150 students are enrolled each year.

The University of Utah is the largest 4 year school in Salt Lake City. It is a four-year public college offering both undergrad and graduate programs. In the most recent statistical year, 14,308 prospective students applied, and 10,934 were granted admission. Social Sciences, Business, and Communication are the most popular areas of study. Tuition is roughly $8000 a year and currently enrolls over 30,000 students.

Westminster College is a small 4-year private school. It is the most expensive option in Salt Lake City at over $30,000 per year. Health professions and business are the top majors. LEss than 3,000 students are currently enrolled.

Fortis College was established in 2009. This small campus offers a wide range of career-focused programs in the nursing, dental, medical, and HVAC career fields.

Independence University is a mid-size four-year private university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the health profession.

Salt Lake Community College is only a two-year college, but it enrolls nearly 30,000 students yearly. Liberal Arts & Humanities is the most popular field of study.

University of Phoenix Utah Campus, a small 4-year private college is located just off Interstate 15 in Salt Lake City. Like many of the other campuses in the state, this University offers numerous degree programs that busy adults can pursue either on campus or online. Over 70% of students pursue a degree in business.

Neumont College of Computer Science is a small for-profit technical institute. It was founded in 2003 by Graham Doxey, Scott McKinley, and Marlow Einelund. If you love technology, this is the place for you.

Salt Lake City Utah has a focus on education. With so many options, you can either live at home and go to college or choose to attend where you can live on campus. Anyone and everyone can get an education here in Salt Lake City. No matter your background, financial situation, or commitment level, there is a place for you in one of these top schools in SLC.


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