There were two main factors involved when I planned my trip to Salt Lake City. I wanted to make sure everyone had fun and I wanted to make sure we experienced new things. Luckily, there is so much to see and do in Salt Lake City, it wasn’t very hard. The hardest part of the day was trying to narrow down our options. Salt Lakes attractions range from sightseeing tours to historical sites to Olympic venues. At first, we were a little overwhelmed with how much the city had to offer so we made a list of everything we wanted to do and just started to check them off!  

Because we are history buffs, first on our list was to experience the cultural atmosphere of Temple Square. It is Salt Lake’s most popular tourist attraction.  We saw the Conference Center first. It was huge-it can hold almost 22,000 people! Next, we saw the Tabernacle building where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practices.  The pipes from the organ were awe-inspiring. We also went to the Beehive House, the Visitor Center and viewed the outside of the Salt Lake Temple and gardens. It is crazy that is took 40 years to build.  It was amazing to take it all in and experience something so beautiful and full of history!

Since we wanted to do something unique to Salt Lake, and one of Salt Lake’s nicknames is the “Genealogy Capital of the World”, we decided to stop in and research our family history right there on Temple Square.  It’s always so much fun learning something new about your family and finding out what you are a part of.

My family worked up quite an appetite walking to each destination on Temple Square since it is so large and there is so much to see. We had to take a break and stop for lunch before we were done.  There is a fantastic restaurant above the Joseph Smith Memorial Building called the “The Roof Restaurant” where we chose for lunch. It is a premier gourmet restaurant located on the 10th floor and it is totally worth the price.  With views of Temple Square and the surrounding city, The Roof is full of delicious food and inspiring views. We definitely will be stopping by the next time we are in town.

Park City was next on our list of top destinations.  It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions when visiting Salt Lake City.  We were intrigued by the quaint little town nestled in the Wasatch Mountains just west of the city.  The famous Park City is a ski town that is lined with cute little shops and art galleries.  I knew it would be the best place to find the perfect souvenirs for everyone. It can take hours to go through every shop on Main street so we took a break halfway through and had the best chocolate croissant in the world from Windy Ridge Bakery. Even though it was a little off the main street and we had to jump in the car, it was totally worth losing our parking space for. Seriously, they are the best croissants!

Since the Olympic Park is in Park City, we decided to go check it out.  The Utah Olympic Park is a winter sports park built for the 2002 winter Olympics.  It is now an Olympic training center and people can go to watch and enjoy all the other attractions. It was quite spectacular to see Olympians practice their jumps into the water. What an amazing way to practice without as much risk of getting hurt.  We also did the zip lining and the alpine slides.  I quickly got over my fear of heights once I was sliding across the line and saw the amazing view. It was simply breathtaking!  It is definitely a place to take your kids since ours had a blast. The park can be expensive so make sure you plan for that, but overall I would do it again.

Park City is also the home of some of the best ski slopes in the world. Because this trip was in the summer, we will have to go back in the winter time to find out if it is really the best snow on earth.  I have also heard Temple Square is a great place to visit during Christmas time because of the amazing display of Christmas lights. It looks like our family will be returning to Salt Lake City in the near future, possibly for a Christmas vacation.  One visit just wasn’t quite enough to see all the sights in SLC!

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