I live in Draper, Utah just outside of Salt Lake City. Most of my life I actually lived in the Northwest. It has been fun living in Utah and I have been able to experience a lot of fun things in Salt Lake City. Some of the things I have done are going to concerts in and around the city. I have been to only a few large concerts in my life. Two of the large concerts took place in Washington State where I grew up. My very first concert I went to was Garth Brooks! He was awesome in concert. The concert was held in the Spokane Arena in Spokane Washington. I was 21 years of age and very single and I was a Junior going to school at Eastern Washington University, which is in Cheney WA. Spokane is about 30 minutes from Cheney so it was a short drive to see him perform. The Garth Brooks show was truly amazing. He definitely knows how to put on a show. The Lights, the smoke, and the songs were all outstanding. I was there with a some of my best friends from college. I wish I would have taken more photos but I am so grateful for the memory I have. It was a truly unforgettable time.

My second concert was at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State too. I was so excited to hear Coldplay perform. I was in awe the whole time and enjoyed listening to them so much. I was able to go with one of my closest friends right before I was to be hitched. Being outside made it extremely fun and the weather was beautiful. We were on the grass up extremely close and the smoke just surged around us. The lights, the sound, and my surroundings were amazing. The group was going insane and it felt dreamlike being there. It was significantly louder than my first show so I wound up with an incredible cerebral pain yet it was so justified, despite all the trouble.

My latest show I went to was held at the USANA Amphitheater.  It is located in West Valley City, Utah which is sometimes referred to as Salt Lake City because it is inside the Salt Lake City metropolitan zone. I ran with every one of my sisters and our mates to see REO Speedwagon and Chicago, which were musical gangs from the late 60’s to the 80’s. Chicago and REO Speedwagon were both framed in 1967. They kept on picking up notoriety through the 80’s. Melodies like “You’re the Inspiration and “Can’t battle this inclination” extremely motivated me. Writing down the names of the groups and songs truly makes me feel old. The way that I know them both and every one of their tunes dates me a bit. I experienced childhood in the 80’s tuning into both of these gatherings in our home and it brought back such a large number of superb recollections at the show. I had a few more established kin and they all adored music and we had something playing constantly. My sibling used to demand us tuning in to Casey Kasem’s top 40 list each Sunday. My brother would even skip some portion of church to tune in to the music.  My husband and I love music and we are passing that down to our boys. We have some sort of music playing in our house at all times and regularly it is from the 80’s.

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