Utah is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts.  Almost everyone has a roof rack full of Kayaks, paddleboards, bikes, skis and snowboards, and all kinds of outdoor equipment. It is definitely the place to live if you love the outdoors. I have noticed that paragliding is a huge sport here in Utah. I have loved to watch the paragliding that takes place off the bluff of the point of the mountain. It is just 30 minutes to Salt Lake City and every time we pass by there is always someone sailing off the mountain. It is almost magical to watch. I find myself staring off wondering how it would feel, with the wind in my face, the beautiful views and the adrenaline rush from the thrill of the jump. I often think to myself as we drive by “do I have what it takes to let my body aimlessly soar through the air hundreds of feet in the air?”  I know the fact that I am afraid of heights would probably deter any chance I have of doing it.

Not only is the height thing an issue but I have heard of people breaking their legs and ankles as they land and I already have joint problems. My husband has a friend that went paragliding here in Salt Lake city and broke both ankles at the same time!  How does that happen? Man, I bet he was miserable. I guess he had to take weeks off of work and most of the time he was in a wheelchair. And he is back at it again. He paraglides all the time and loves it! I know I would be that person that would be hauled away in an ambulance. I am so prone to accidents and have been that way since I was little. In all the sports I played, I was usually the person that would get hurt and have to go to the ER. During a powder puff football game in high school, I actually dislocated my shoulder and was taken by ambulance to the nearby hospital.  The school no longer has the powder puff games because of me. Whoops! So when it comes to extreme sports like paragliding, I bet I could do it if someone pushed me off the mountain. That is probably the only way I would be able to skydive or bungee jump as well.

Since we have moved to Salt Lake City I’ve noticed that we are doing so many more outdoor activities.  We moved from Oregon and the mountains, hiking, biking and all the recreational activities were amazing there. I think the reason why we do more in Utah is the fact that the mountains are so close to us. We can go 20 to 30 minutes and be up in the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains. If I were to try some extreme sports, I think I would try zip lining first, eventually, parasailing and possibly bungee jumping but I think I will leave the extreme sports like paragliding and skydiving to the big boys.


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