Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

spring cleaning

Spring is finally here folks! However, the blossoming flowers can’t hide the fact that you’ll need to prepare your home for the warm weather ahead. Here’s an easy to follow checklist that will ensure your spring cleaning goes beyond the closets and living spaces. Check Up on Your Safety Equipment The quality of your safety … Continued

How to Maintain a Forced Air System

maintain forced air system

Having a forced air system is a luxury because of the efficient heating and cooling your home will experience. However, like all luxuries, maintenance is needed every so often. Properly maintaining your forced air system will allow it to work better, thus saving you money in bills and future repairs. Air Filters A forced air … Continued

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

When the temperature drops, windows and doors stay closed, and the heating system stays on. Unfortunately, this is a reason for low air quality in home’s during the cold weather months. It’s important to find ways to keep a high quality of air in your home, especially when opening windows for fresh air isn’t done … Continued

What is System Zoning

system zoning

Are there some rooms in your home that warm up nicely while others feel like the frozen tundra? Uneven heating of homes is more common than you’d think. Luckily for you, there is a way to fix this issue — it’s called zone heating. What Is Zone Heating? Rather than having one thermostat controlling the … Continued

Common Heating Problems

heating problems

Is there anything more frustrating than a heating system that stops working on the coldest day of the year? We think not! We are here to tell you about the most common heating problems and how to avoid them. Heating Issues Due To A Lack of Maintenance Like any other system in your home, your heating system … Continued

How To Improve Air Quality in Your Home

It is no secret that outdoor air contains pollutants that are detrimental to your health. Many people would be surprised to find out that the air in your home might be even more harmful to your health than outdoor air. Your indoor air quality is tested every summer. Mold and mildew tend to thrive in … Continued

An A/C Repair is Not a Summertime Meltdown

Summers can be brutally hot. This upcoming summer is no exception to this rule. Spring is the ideal time of year to get your air conditioner repaired, before the sweltering heat hits. The experienced HVAC technicians at SameDay Heating & Air can help keep cool air in and the hot air out this summer. Our … Continued

Heat Pump It Up!

heat pump

The brisk fall air is starting to sweep in. It’s time to get your home ready for the chilly months ahead. The tips below will help you improve your home comfort and decrease energy costs. Talk about a win-win situation!    Let’s start with one of the most important components of your heating system–the heat … Continued

Save Money on Your Heating Bill

With fall well under way, winter is right around the corner. When there’s a chill in the air, you rely on your heating system to keep warm. If you are a homeowner, you know how this can hike up your heating bills. If you want to save some green, keep reading. In the winter, your … Continued

Does Your Furnace Have The Green Sticker of Approval?

Have you ever wondered by your furnace has a green sticker on it? If your furnace has the green sticker of approval, it means that it was inspected by licensed heating professional. This certification implies that your furnace will efficiently and safely burn the natural gas supply. Is This Really Necessary? Having the green sticker … Continued

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