What’s the Issue, my Furnace or my Thermostat?


As the winter months approach, every homeowner’s nightmare is a problem with their home heating system. After all, who wants to be left out in the cold for the holidays? Everyone’s first guess is that there’s a problem with the furnace, but that isn’t always the case. Before making a service call it’s important to … Continued

6 Ways to Save on Heating This Winter

saving on heating costs

Saving on heating this winter doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 6 ways you can lower your heating bill while keeping the house warm. 1: Invest in Insulation A surefire way to save on heating costs is to invest in some insulation. It traps the warmth inside when it’s cold, and can even keep … Continued

How To Brace Your Pipes For ​Cold Weather

frozen pipe

Don’t leave your plumbing system to its own devices this season. If you do, it could result in frozen pipes. No homeowner wants that. Below are some ways you can brace your pipes for cold weather. Make sure that the windows and doors in your home are closed tightly. If they are not, cold air … Continued

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