When non-residents of Utah think about Salt Lake City, the first thing that comes to their minds are Mormons in bonnets and pushing handcarts, and a big temple in the middle of downtown. While Salt Lake City was built by pioneers, there is a lot more to this hip city. Movehub recently named Salt Lake City as one of the top Hip Cities in the World.  When choosing which cities were the most hip in the world they considered a few different factors including; the number of record shops, vegan restaurants, coffee shops, vintage boutiques, and tattoo parlors per 100,000 people. Even though these factors named the city as being hip, there are many more reasons to visit this up and coming city!

1. Restaurants
Not only do they have many vegan restaurants but as a whole, the city had more than 35 new restaurants open in the last two years. These standout restaurants include the Pallet, Copper Onion, Eva’s and Forage.  You can’t overlook old favorites like  Bambara Bistro and other casual dining settings like squatters, Sette Bello, Pie Hole and Frida Bistro.
2. Awesome Brew Pubs
Aside from the rich brews, the local Pubs in Salt Lake City has also taken to poking fun at the Mormon beliefs and have used it as a marketing tool.  The Squatters Pub offers a Pilsner called the “Provo Girl.”  Provo is also known for having the largest Mormon missionary training center. Wasatch Brewery also produces a “Polygamy” Porter and offers merchandise with “I tried Polygamy in Utah.”   I have heard the t-shirt tends to outshine the beer though!
3. Downtown Experience
You can’t beat going to Temple Square and seeing all the beautiful architecture, gardens and views. Recently the surrounding Temple square area was revamped to attract more people.  The City Creek Centre and Harmons Grocer were given a facelift. The City Creek Centre is filled with shops, restaurants and open air with a fish-filled stream running through. This was simulated from the original creek that flowed from City Creek Canyon.  You will also find an extremely diverse population of people at the markets, malls, and festivals including the occasional cowboy. This is where people watching tends to be fun!
4. The Leo
If you want to visit a Museum, The Leonardo is a great start! It is a contemporary museum that combines technology, science, and art. They introduce history in a way that makes learning interactive, fun and exciting. The museum also offers a variety of classes, programs, and workshops for all ages. Leo Libations: They also offer food and wine pairings every month for the winos of Utah.
5. Natural History
If you want to engage all your senses, visit The Natural History Museum of Utah.  Listen to the voices of the Navajo people by sitting in the round, hold original specimens when you visit the paleontology hall or walk a path over ancient bones laying in the same spot they were found.  When you visit this Museum of Art and artifacts, be prepared for a mind-blowing experience.
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