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Causes of Low Voltage in Residential Wiring

Have you experienced dim lighting, power outages and poor appliance performance? If so, your home is probably experiencing low voltage. Are you wondering, “what are the causes of low voltage?” We’re so glad you asked! We are here to answer that question and set the record straight on this topic.
An Overload of Your Electrical System
We’ve all been guilty at using too many electronic devices at the same time. However, this can overload your electrical system. When the power company detects an overload, they may reduce the amount of power you receive by 5%.

Faulty Wiring
If you have an older home, you might have an older electrical system to match. The wiring that makes up your electrical system might be corroded or faulty. Ineffective wiring could be the cause of your low voltage problems.

A home that is far away from the main power plant may experience low voltage due to distance. After all, the power has to travel to your residence from somewhere. Distance tends to be the cause of low voltage in rural areas.

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