Furnace Replacement & Installation in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

The best way to stay comfortable during the Wasatch Front’s snowy winters is with a reliable furnace. If your home’s furnace isn’t up to the task, you can rely on SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical for top-notch furnace replacement services throughout the Greater Salt Lake City area — and the Wasatch Front area.

At SameDay, we are known for our top-rated products from the industry’s finest manufacturers, backed by exceptional service and dependable comfort solutions. Whether your furnace is on its way out or has broken down completely, we’re the team you can count on when it’s time for furnace replacement and installation service. Furnaces in Utah must now have a minimum AFUE rating of 81%. So, if your home’s furnace does not meet this requirement it’s time to upgrade.

Schedule furnace replacement service in Salt Lake City or Wasatch Front area by calling SameDay at (801) 726-3329 or contacting us online today! 24-hour emergency heating service is available!

Heating Installation Service for Homes in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

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At SameDay, we only install the best furnace systems available, allowing us to provide each of our customers with a “No Lemon” guarantee: If the heat exchanger in your furnace fails in the first 10 years, we’ll install a replacement at no additional cost.

Our team will take detailed measurements to ensure a perfect fit in your home before ever getting started on your replacement project for quick, efficient service every time.

We take pride in providing the highest-quality service available, which is why our team believes in fast, dependable installation and replacement. We guarantee that your new furnace will be up and running within 24 hours, or we’ll personally pay for your stay at the local Courtyard by Marriott or comparable hotel.

★★★★★ “They replaced our furnace and did an incredibly thorough job. Also, a few days after finishing the job, our installer came back to check on us with a Granite Bakery pie in hand! Best service ever.” – Alexa B.

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And don’t forget to check out our latest specials and excellent financing options to see why we’re a leading choice for furnace maintenance and HVAC service throughout Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front area!

Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace

Homeowners should be aware of the signs that their furnace may be failing and need to be replaced by taking stock of the following:

  • Age: If your furnace is at least 10 years old, it’s likely approaching the end of its service life, and it’s a good idea to consider furnace replacement.
  • Energy: A sudden increase in your energy bill is a clear sign that your furnace is not performing as efficiently as it should.
  • Dust: Increased dust, dirt, and other debris around the home while the furnace is running can signal that your unit needs to be replaced.
  • Heat: Lack of heat or inconsistent heating throughout the home is an indication that your system is not performing as it should and will likely need replacement soon.
  • Noise: Your system should never make noises, such as clanging, banging, or rattling. If your furnace is especially loud, it’s time to call SameDay replacement services.
  • Decay: Rusting, cracking, and other signs of age and decay should never be ignored. As soon as your system shows any of these red flags, call an experienced heating contractor at SameDay to find out if repair or replacement is your best option.

Using the industry’s finest tools and techniques, the HVAC professionals at SameDay are experts you can trust to provide your home with continued comfort throughout the winter season.

Call (801) 726-3329 or contact SameDay online today to schedule heating replacement service.

Schedule Furnace Replacement in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

At SameDay, we are proud to provide first-class heating service in Salt Lake City and throughout the Wasatch Front area — and we’re proud to make your comfort our top priority. That’s why we only provide the finest equipment, service, and solutions.

Plus, with our peace of mind guarantees, 24-hour emergency service, and expert HVAC technicians, you can always depend on SameDay to keep you comfortable season after season!

Call SameDay at (801) 726-3329 or contact us online today to schedule furnace replacement in your home.

Furnace Replacement & Installation FAQs

How do I know whether to repair or replace my furnace?

You always want to choose between repair and replacement by considering whether it’s worth the cost of repairs today, knowing that you’ll have to replace your furnace inevitably at some point down the line. The critical part of that is deciding how far down the line that replacement will be: How old is your furnace, is it still keeping up with your heating needs, has it needed repairs for other problems recently, do you want to upgrade to a more efficient unit, etc.

How long will replacing my furnace take?

It depends! Replacing an easily accessible furnace with a similar furnace can be a quick process, but if your furnace is difficult to reach or your HVAC system requires additional work to be compatible with a new furnace, then it’s going to take more time. If your furnace is old enough, this can be quite tricky and may take substantially longer.

Can I replace my furnace with a different type of heat?

Yes, you could choose to change to a furnace with another heat source or even a heat pump or other alternative heating technologies. However, this may be significantly more expensive in some cases if you’re changing the source of energy for your furnace and may not function as expected with your existing ductwork. What specific change you have in mind will greatly affect the difficulty, of course; going to electricity is rarely a problem, and oil is self-contained, but changing to gas when you don’t already have a gas furnace means new pipes, or maybe even a new gas connection if you don’t already have one.

What can I do to avoid needing another furnace replacement?

Monthly home maintenance, annual professional maintenance, and repairing minor problems while they’re still minor are all critical to extending the life span of your furnace. This is especially true of any combustion-based system, i.e., natural gas or oil furnaces, as problems with these can rapidly cause them to become damaged beyond repair.

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Thank you for the wonderful service your company provides. I am new to the area and got your number from the Yellow Pages. All of the ads looked alike. I called two other companies before I called Air Comfort. The first company did not show up.…

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When the air conditioning unit malfunctioned at our business it became unbearably hot. Fortunately, your technician was prompt, efficient, and helpful—even though he had to work late into the evening. His friendly, customer-oriented service was much appreciated and we want to make certain this type of…

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Just a note to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with a company such as yours. When appointments were made, they were kept! I must make special mention of the technician who installed our air conditioning unit. He worked hard, stayed with it…

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We appreciate such a good company with great customer service.

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We wish to thank you for the installation of our new Lennox furnace and air conditioner, but more than the implements, we are grateful for the careful consideration of your technician. He did a splendid job, which we are sure was above and beyond the call…

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