Ceiling Fan Installation in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Considering installing a ceiling fan in your home? The electricians at SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical are here to help! Our friendly and experienced, licensed electricians offer prompt, proper ceiling fan installation, ensuring that your new fan operates safely, quietly, and correctly for years to come.

When you need ceiling fan and lighting installation done right, contact SameDay today!

Ceiling Fan Benefits For Salt Lake City Homeowners

Ceiling fans are popular here in the Greater SLC area for a number of good reasons, including:

  • Saves energy and money: Ceiling fans keep you comfy, so you can use your air conditioning less, (or use a higher-than-usual temperature setting on your thermostat), yet still feel cool.
  • Improves home comfort: Ceiling fans don’t cool the room, but create a cooling sensation on the skin, making you feel much cooler on hot days.
  • Adds style: Ceiling fans bring a bit of flair to a room, with a world of styles to choose from.
  • Includes lighting: Many fans contain a light fixture.
  • Provides efficient air circulation: Ceiling fans can help to better circulate your AC in summer, making it more effective on the hottest days. In winter, switch your ceiling fan into reverse, and run it slowly, for excellent heating recirculation. Since warm air rises, ceiling fans keep furnace-heated air down at your level, rather than hovering near the ceiling in winter.
  • Multipurpose: You can accomplish a lot with a single ceiling fan!

Take advantage of the many benefits of a ceiling fan. Contact SameDay for professional installation today.

Should I DIY My Ceiling Fan Installation?

Professional electrical installation is really the way to go when installing a ceiling fan.

Here’s why we recommend professional ceiling fan installation:

Get it done right the first time: We often get calls from homeowners who got their neighbor (or a handyman) to install their ceiling fan, or maybe they’ve tried on their own–and it doesn’t work properly. We’re happy to come and correct any DIY errors for you, but why not save yourself the trouble? Let SameDay electricians do the job right.

Get the right size fan: Feel free to consult with our electrician experts before you buy. If you get a ceiling fan that’s too powerful, or has too-long blades for the room size, your room can feel like a wind-tunnel. Papers can blow off your desk, you may experience dry eyes, and your comfort is compromised, instead of being improved.

Get the right spot: Sometimes amateur ceiling fan installation is done off-center—or not in the spot the homeowner prefers. It can be moved, of course, but then a ceiling repair is needed to fill in the old spot; a waste of your time and money.

Get smooth and quiet operation: That’s what you should expect from a ceiling fan! DIY installation can leave you with an off-balance fan, which can be annoyingly noisy when you use the fan.

Get peace of mind: There are major safety issues with DIY electrical installation. Wiring problems from an improperly installed ceiling fan could potentially cause a house fire. There have also been instances where a fan has fallen on the homeowner, either during attempted installation or sometime later (perhaps on a family member or pet). When dealing with your home’s electrical wiring, only trust a licensed electrician!

Save money and time: DIY installs can be more trouble and expense than they’re worth. Especially if you need to have one of the above-mentioned errors corrected.

Get flawless installation by one of our licensed electricians. Contact SameDay today!

Why Choose SameDay in Greater Salt Lake City?

At SameDay, you can expect prompt, efficient, and friendly same-day service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Count on us to properly install your ceiling fan, at the right distance from the ceiling, with correct electrical wiring, so it works as intended.

Make sure you get the most out of the ceiling fans in your Greater Salt Lake City home. Contact SameDay online or call (801) 726-3329 for expert electrical installation.

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