Furnace Repair in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

When winters arrive in the Wasatch Front area, you depend on your furnace to keep you warm and comfortable all season long. Whenever your heating system has problems or stops working, you can depend on SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical for fast help and dependable solutions to restore your furnace!

Schedule furnace repair service in Salt Lake City or anywhere the Wasatch Front area by calling SameDay at (801) 726-3329 or contacting us online today.

We offer 24-hour emergency heating service, so you’re never left in the cold waiting for furnace repair professionals when you need them most!

And don’t forget to check out our latest specials and excellent financing options to see why we’re a leading choice for furnace maintenance and HVAC service throughout Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front area!

Comprehensive Furnace Repair Service for the Greater Salt Lake City Area

At SameDay, our expert heating technicians have the skills and tools necessary to accurately diagnose all types of furnace problems, like:

  • Electrical issues
  • Ignition or pilot control problems
  • Thermostat issues
  • Short-cycling
  • Blower and fan problems
  • And more!

Once we’ve diagnosed the issue that’s causing your furnace to act up, we will:

  • Tell you what we’ve found and explain your options for restoring your furnace
  • Give you upfront pricing before any work begins
  • Put down protective coverings in the work area
  • Perform the repairs needed with precision and expertise
  • Test your system to ensure it’s running correctly again
  • Clean up after ourselves when the service is finished

I needed someone quick to repair my furnace as I’m selling my house. I thought I was going to have to push back listing it, but thanks to SameDay it’s now on the market. Mark my technician came to my home even though I was still at work. He diagnosed my unit quickly and was able to find the part it needed. Great job with the quick response!

Neil B.

What Does It Cost To Repair Your Furnace in Salt Lake City?

average cost diagram for hvac repai in salt lake city utah with sameday

The cost of repairing your heating system can vary based on a few factors. These factors include the furnace problem, the quality of contractor you choose, and whether your system is still under warranty.

No matter what brand, make, or model of furnace you have, we’ve got all of your furnace repair needs covered! And if we determine during service that repairs won’t cut it and you’re better off replacing your furnace, we’ll tell you that upfront so you can invest in the service and solutions that are best for you, your home, and your wallet.

Call (801) 726-3329 for 24-hour emergency furnace repair service in Salt Lake City or anywhere in the Wasatch Front area!

Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace

Furnaces can show many signs of needing repairs, including:

  • Odors: If your furnace is filling your home with a foul smell, your system has a problem that a professional should look at.
  • Efficiency: A sudden increase in your energy bill is a clear indication that your system likely needs repair service.
  • Noise: A loud furnace can mean that parts are loose or damaged. If your system is noisy, it’s time to call for repairs.
  • Performance: If your furnace leaves you freezing, you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

At SameDay, we believe in providing service whenever you need it. That’s why our team provides 24/7 emergency service repairs so that you can regain full furnace function day or night.

Call (801) 726-3329 or contact SameDay online today to schedule furnace replacement in Salt Lake City or anywhere in the Wasatch Front area.

Prevent the Need for Furnace Repair: Furnace Maintenance in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

sameday furnace technician holding air filter explaining service to customer

In addition to repair services, SameDay offers furnace maintenance. Ideally, furnaces should undergo regular maintenance once a year. This service can be critical to finding and addressing minor problems before they cause damage that causes your system to act up or break down.

SameDay’s furnace maintenance service includes:

  • Inspecting the burner flames, covers, air intake, combustion chamber, and other mechanical components
  • Cleaning the burner and blower cavities
  • Removing and cleaning the blower blades
  • Inspecting and changing the air filter, as needed
  • Removing dust, debris, and other particles from the pilot
  • Lubricating all bearings and moving components
  • And more!

SameDay is dedicated to your total comfort, which is why we provide each of our customers with peace of mind guarantees. With 24/7 emergency services available for your convenience and a team of highly skilled, certified HVAC technicians, there’s no reason you shouldn’t call SameDay at (801) 726-3329 for your furnace repair needs.

Call (801) 726-3329 or contact SameDay online for top-rated furnace repair and maintenance service in Salt Lake City or anywhere in the Wasatch Front area!

Schedule Furnace Repair in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Don’t let your furnace repair needs wait until the winter ends! Give your home the gift of continued comfort this season by having SameDay HVAC professionals tend to your furnace repairs.

Plus, with our peace of mind guarantees, 24-hour emergency service, and expert HVAC technicians, you can always depend on SameDay to keep you comfortable season after season!

Call SameDay at (801) 726-3329 or contact us online today to schedule furnace repair in your home.

We offer heating repair, installation, and replacement services throughout the Wasatch Front, including in Bountiful, Cottonwood Heights, Draper, Layton, Murray, Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Jordan, West Valley City, and surrounding areas.

Furnace Repair FAQs

Why is my furnace leaking?

Many furnace leaks are caused by a malfunctioning condensation drain or tube. This type of leak occurs in high-efficiency furnaces that extract heat from combustion gases over a longer period than standard-efficiency furnaces. When the gas cools, it becomes condensation and should be routed to a drain. If these parts don’t work correctly, such as breaking or becoming clogged, your furnace can leak. For standard-efficiency furnaces, an incorrectly sized exhaust or flue pipe can cause leaks. If you discover a puddle of water leaking from your furnace, it’s best to reach out to a professional right away.

How can I tell if I need emergency heating repair?

Furnaces often give warning signs before they break down completely. If this happens, it can lead to costly repairs, and sometimes these issues can even be dangerous. Here are five signs that you need emergency heating repair:

  • Your carbon monoxide detectors are sounding
  • You smell heating fuel or see signs of a leak
  • You hear unusual loud noises
  • Electrical issues
  • No warm air

If you notice any of these signs, you should call us immediately to set up an emergency heating repair.

Why won’t my pilot light stay lit?

There are several reasons why your furnace’s pilot light may not be staying lit. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Dirt. If your pilot light orifice is clean, it will be a rich blue color. If it’s blue but small and flickering or a yellow or yellowish-orange color, then that’s a sign of dirt in the orifice impeding the gas and keeping it from staying lit.
  • Bad thermocouple. If the thermocouple is cracked or worn out, dirty, or improperly lined up, it won’t signal to the gas valve that there’s a flame, and the gas valve will close. Meaning no gas, no pilot light.
  • A draft. If your pilot light won’t stay lit and you can’t determine a cause within the furnace, then a draft may be the cause. It could be getting blown out by a draft through a window or door left open or possibly strong winds have been blowing toward the furnace vent from the outside of your house.
  • A bad gas regulator: If the regulator is damaged, it might not allow enough gas to flow throughout it. If your pilot light goes out when you’re using other gas appliances, then this is a sign the pilot isn’t getting enough gas.

If your pilot light isn’t staying lit, one of our technicians can assess the situation, get to the cause of the problem, and provide an effective solution.

Why is my furnace making noises?

When people call for heating repair, a common complaint is that their furnace is making loud or strange noises. There are many reasons why your furnace could be making a funny noise, including:

  • Broken blower wheels
  • Dirty burners
  • Blower motor bearings
  • Air leaks
  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Noisy transformer

When you call us about strange noises coming from your furnace, we’ll get to the root of the problem and provide you with a quick solution to stop the noise and keep your furnace running smoothly.

When you’re experiencing issues with your furnace, the best thing to do is to call us at the first sign instead of waiting to see if it gets better. We can pinpoint the problem and provide a solution before more damage can be done.

Call us at (801) 726-3329 to speak with a furnace expert about your repair needs or schedule an appointment online now.

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Thank you for the wonderful service your company provides. I am new to the area and got your number from the Yellow Pages. All of the ads looked alike. I called two other companies before I called Air Comfort. The first company did not show up.…

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When the air conditioning unit malfunctioned at our business it became unbearably hot. Fortunately, your technician was prompt, efficient, and helpful—even though he had to work late into the evening. His friendly, customer-oriented service was much appreciated and we want to make certain this type of…

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Just a note to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with a company such as yours. When appointments were made, they were kept! I must make special mention of the technician who installed our air conditioning unit. He worked hard, stayed with it…

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We appreciate such a good company with great customer service.

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We wish to thank you for the installation of our new Lennox furnace and air conditioner, but more than the implements, we are grateful for the careful consideration of your technician. He did a splendid job, which we are sure was above and beyond the call…

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