Indoor Air Quality Services in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

Most Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air often contains higher concentrations of hazardous pollutants than outdoor air. One out of three homes has someone who suffers from allergies or asthma, and research indicates that indoor pollutants can trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions.

In addition to allergy and asthma problems, exposure to indoor air pollutants may also cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, scratchy throat, and nasal irritation. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has determined that 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air!

All of this information is why SameDay is passionate about providing indoor air quality services throughout the Salt Lake City area. Our trained team can help identify the sources of indoor air pollution and provide you with the tools and knowledge to improve your indoor air quality in the future. Keep on reading to see the ways we can help you today!

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Sources of Major Indoor Air Quality Problems:

  • Bedrooms – Dust and dust mites, bacteria and viruses, pet dander
  • Bathrooms – Mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses, household cleaning agents
  • Attic – Asbestos, dust, formaldehyde
  • Living areas – Carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, organic chemicals from carpeting, furniture, glues and varnishes, pet dander
  • Kitchen – Carbon dioxide, household cleaning agents, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke
  • Garage – Carbon monoxide, paints, solvents, mold, mildew, gasoline fumes, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Yard – Pollen, dust, pesticides, and herbicides

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How SameDay Can Help With Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

There are many tools we can equip you with to help improve the air quality of your Salt Lake City home. Here are some of the most common way we help our local Utah community with their air needs:

  • Air Cleaners: There are a lot of modern machines we can use to clean the air within our homes. These include whole-house humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and more. These pieces of equipment work by collecting dirt and pollutants inside of your home and funneling it through a cleaning filter.
  • Ventilation Improvements: Sometimes, the best way to improve your indoor air quality is just to open some windows! Well, there’s more to it than that. Ventilation improvements are especially important to consider when you’re performing an activity that produces a high volume of pollutants, such as sanding wood or painting a wall.
  • Source Control: Pollutants make it into your home one way or another, and one way to stop them is to cut off the source. That could be your older gas stove or an asbestos-filled section of insulation.
I wanted a better air filter because of all the recent smoke, and they replaced the regular one and added an additional purifier that makes my indoor air a lot cleaner. My AC had not been working that well and he fixed that too. He did not talk me into a new HVAC even though mine is on its last legs. I want to save for a more energy efficient model. Sleeping easier tonight.
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SameDay is here to help you with your air quality needs, whether it’s with a whole-home humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier, or ventilation improvements. Call us now at (801) 726-3329 or contact us online!

Eight Actions You Can Take to Keep Your Air Clean

  • Install and properly maintain your air cleaning system
  • Have your heating/air conditioning ducts cleaned at least annually
  • Vacuum frequently with a good vacuum cleaner
  • Dust often, with a damp rag
  • Remove shoes at the door to avoid tracking in dirt and harmful substances
  • Avoid smoking indoors
  • Wash bedding weekly using hot water
  • Dry clothing and bedding using high heat to help remove allergens

Choose SameDay for Your Indoor Air Quality Needs in Salt Lake City

It may seem obvious, but SameDay’s goal is to get you your indoor air quality service on the same day you call us. We want to provide high-quality service that improves our customers’ lives in as many ways as possible. In our opinion, no job is completely finished until you’re 100% satisfied. Be sure to trust “the people who came in the big green van” for your indoor air quality service!

Just call (801) 726-3329 or contact us online today to learn more about indoor air quality services in the Salt Lake City area!

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