EV Charging Installation in Salt Lake City

Congratulations on joining the eco-friendly community by purchasing an electric vehicle! Now that you’re finished relying on gas stations to fuel your ride, the next step you need to take is installing an EV charging station in your home. At SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical, our master electricians have years of experience delivering the electric charging station solutions that Salt Lake City drivers need.

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Benefits of Home Electric Car Charger Installation

Choosing to install an EV charging station in your Wasatch Front area home can provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Cost efficiency: Rather than purchasing battery power from a third party each time you need to fuel your ride, installing a residential EV charging station provides you with significant savings depending on the type of charger you choose.
  • Convenience: It takes the average Level 2 charger between four and six hours to fully charge your electric car, meaning you’ll have to wait that long at a public charging station if you want to charge your vehicle fully. Bringing the charging station right to your driveway takes this time-consuming trip out of the equation completely!
  • Safety: Leaving your EV to charge in a public space poses the same safety risks as leaving your new car in a public garage. Vandals, thieves, and natural elements can all threaten the safety of your investment. Installing a charging station at home eliminates these safety risks from your EV ownership experience altogether.

Ready to bring enhanced cost-efficiency, convenience, and safety to your home? Choose the master electricians at SameDay to schedule electric car charging station installation for your Salt Lake City home today!

Our Wasatch Front EV Charging Options

There are two main types of residential electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) options from which drivers can choose: Level 1 EVSE and Level 2 EVSE.

Level 1 EVSE

This type of charger allows drivers to plug their EVs directly into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet, just as they would with any other home appliance. These chargers are usually included with your vehicle purchase, with most hybrid and electric vehicles coming with a standard three-prong plug. Owners should be aware that they will need a dedicated branch circuit for the outlet used to charge their car. Sharing a circuit between this outlet and other high-powered appliances (such as air conditioners or refrigerators) can cause the circuit to trip. SameDay can provide the electrical panel upgrade services you need to accommodate the dedicated circuit you need to power your EV.

Level 1 EVSE is a good place to start; however, this charging type only adds between two and five miles of range per hour of charging time. If you plan to leave your EV to charge overnight, this might be an acceptable option. Otherwise, you may want to explore the more robust Level 2 EVSE option.

Level 2 EVSE

A more advanced charging option, Level 2 EVSE uses a 240-volt dedicated circuit to power your vehicle. These chargers are typically installed in your garage; however, there are outdoor-rated versions that customers can install in their driveways instead. Rather than the two to five-mile range added per charging hour in the Level 1 option, Level 2 EVSE adds 10 to 60 miles of range per hour.

Many homes are already equipped with 240-volt service for their clothes dryers or electric ranges, making Level 2 EVSE installation a relatively easy and cost-effective project. At SameDay, our team ensures that each EV charging installation project we complete complies with local, state, and national electrical safety codes for your added peace of mind.

Don’t gamble on your EV charging station installation project: Trust the master electricians at SameDay to get the job done right. Schedule EVSE installation for your Wasatch Front area home today!

Install an EV Charging Station in Salt Lake City

When you’re looking to bring added convenience, cost-efficiency, and safety to your electric vehicle ownership experience, EV charging station installation is the way to go. SameDay’s team of master electricians has the skills and experience necessary to deliver the advanced charging equipment you need to power your electric car.

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