Water Heater Repair in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Most homeowners don’t give their hot water a second thought. That changes when it suddenly stops flowing from the tap. When your hot water heater starts to hiccup, the team at SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical can fix the problem and turn the heat up again.

Contact SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical at (801) 726-3329 to learn more about the water heater repair services we offer in Sandy, Draper, Murray, and beyond.

Comprehensive Service You Can Count On in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

When you need water heater repair, you need a team you can count on to do the job right the first time around. Our highly trained, certified, and insured plumbers can quickly identify the problem and conduct the necessary repairs. We can fix it, whether it is a broken seal or gasket, a faulty hose, or a rusted tank.

We guarantee that the plumber dispatched to your home or business will provide the level of service and quality that homeowners and companies around Salt Lake City, Sandy, Draper, and Murray need.

To learn more about our water heater repair services near you, contact SameDay at (801) 726-3329. When you have a broken water heater, you can count on our team to get the job done right.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Water heater making unusual sounds? Water leaking and pooling around the base of the hot water heater? Water not as hot as it should be? These are all signs that you need water heater repair.

Here are some more signs it may be time for water heater repair services from our team at SameDay:

  • Irregular water temperatures
  • Discoloration of water
  • Running out of water quickly
  • Funny noises coming from the tank
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Leaking water

If you experience any of these signs, call SameDay experts right away at (801) 726-3329 or contact us online for quick and efficient service!

Water Heater Repair Services in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

At SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical, our plumbers will thoroughly inspect your water heater and review the service history to determine the most likely cause(s) of the problem. Our multipoint inspection will also determine whether there are problems lurking, waiting to cause future problems.

Contact SameDay at (801) 726-3329 to discuss the problems you see around your hot water heater. We will determine the causes of the problem and dispatch a plumber to inspect and repair your hot water heater.

Choose SameDay for Water Heater Repair Services in Salt Lake City

Our plumbers will help you identify the best options that will deliver the hot water, energy efficiency, and cost savings you want for your home or business.

Call (801) 726-3329 or contact our trusted plumbing experts online to discuss the water heaters we recommend to clients throughout the Salt Lake City region.

Water Heater Repair FAQs

Why won’t my pilot light stay lit?

If it’s not because of a draft that keeps blowing it out, you may have a malfunctioning thermocouple. It would be best if you repaired this immediately because the gas can still be released, creating a potentially explosive hazard.

How long does it take for the water to heat up after repairing the tank?

It depends on the hot water tank, but most gas tanks will have hot water in 30-40 minutes and electric tanks within 60-90 minutes. If you have a tankless system, you’ll have hot water immediately.

What happens if you don’t flush a water heater?

If you don’t flush your hot water heater, it will force the unit to work harder. This additional strain can cause excessive wear and tear on components. It can also result in pipes bursting and loss of water pressure.

Should I repair or replace an older hot water heater?

In general, most water heaters will last between eight to twelve years. As the hot water heater ages, efficiency will decrease and the frequency and cost of repairs will increase. As a general rule, if it will cost more than 50% of the replacement cost, it’s better to replace the water heater, rather than repair, a damaged water heater.

Is my water heater too small?

It may be, and having the right sized tank is essential for comfort and ensuring that the hot water heater doesn’t overwork itself and break down. Most 1-4-person households need a 40-gallon tank. If there are 4-6 people in the home, a 50-gallon tank with a high recovery rate, or a 75-gallon tank for between 6-8 people is recommended.

Do you have more questions about hot water heater repair in Utah? Contact the team at Same Day Heating & Air in Utah at (801) 726-3329 and we’ll be happy to give you the expert advice you need!

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