Winter Air can be Nasty – Improve Air Quality in Your Home

winter air

During the summer months, when the windows are open and the air conditioner runs rampant, the quality of the air in your home is likely of little concern to you. But when the temperatures drop, these convenient sources of fresh air vanish before your eyes, and all that matters is keeping the house nice and warm. This leads to less natural air in your household, and in turn, a low degree of indoor air quality. While the winter air can create dry and sickening conditions, you can still improve the air in your home.

1: Use a Humidifier

When you close your windows and crank up the heater, you will notice that the air in your home begins to dry out. The problem with dry air is that it doesn’t feel quite as warm as moist air does, thus leading you to turn the heat up even more. This increases the cost of your heating bill and does little to fix the dryness problem you were confronted with in the first place. Using a humidifier will moisten the air, making it instantly feel fresher and cleaner for you to breathe in, with the added benefit being lower heating costs from not needing to turn up the heater.

2: Crack Open a Window

While it may be cold outside, it is still important to crack open a window every once in awhile. After all, one of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality is to simply let the fresh outside air do its job. Of course, you cannot leave your windows open for very long, because this will let out all of the warm air, forcing your heater to kick it up a notch. Not only will this drive up the heating bill, it will also dry up the air in your home, so utilize those windows sparingly!

3: Keep the Dust From Settling

While it may be impossible to completely rid your home of dust, there are some things you can do to keep it at a minimum. Remove and wash your bedding once a week and ensure all closets and floors are nice and tidy. Break out the old duster and ensure that the out of reach, hard to see areas are properly dusted. In order to truly improve the air quality in your home, particularly during the winter months, removing as much dust as possible goes a long way.

4: Get a Houseplant

Plants can add a visual zest to any home, but the right kinds can act as more than just a decoration. Purchasing a rubber plant or a philodendron can assist in removing carbon monoxide and benzene from the air within your home. Considering the ways in which indoor air quality affects your health, it’s important to not forget the power of houseplants this winter.

5: Have your Air Ducts Cleaned

Of course, one of the major reasons your indoor air quality could be suffering lies within the air ducts around your home. Be sure to regularly check for dust clogs and other debris that may be filtering into your home. If the quality of your ducts is less than satisfactory, be sure to call a SameDay professional for more assistance. Nothing is worse in the winter months than a home DIY or cleaning project gone wrong, so rely on the experts.

Improving your indoor air quality during the winter months starts with these simple tips. Find out about our air purification services by contacting the pros at SameDay Heating & Air. To learn more, or schedule an appointment with a professional, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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