Common HVAC Problems


For the most part your HVAC system should work without too many problems. But like all machines, there’s occasional issues that bubble up now and again. Here are the most common HVAC problems you should be looking out for in your home.

Obstructions in the Air Flow

There are various factors that can affect air flow in your home. Some air flow issues can be corrected by simply changing the air filter. Dirty and/or clogged air filters can force your air conditioning unit to work harder, which in return can reduce the overall lifespan of your system. By changing your air filters frequently, you can ensure optimal HVAC system performance and improve overall indoor air quality.

Leaks and Water Damage

Water is a natural part of your air conditioning system. It’s expected for hot humid air to produce condensation on the evaporator coil. The condensation then drips down into the condensate pan and is emptied through a drain line. In the event that a drain line becomes clogged or damaged, it can cause HVAC leaks and malfunctions. Checking your system regularly is the best preventative measure for water damage. If you’re not sure what to look for, let the professionals at SameDay take care of it for you.

Inefficient Cooling / Uneven Heating and Cooling

If you turn on your air this summer and notice that the downstairs is chilly and the upstairs feels like a sauna, it might be time to get your HVAC systems checked out. The cooled and heated air that comes through your vents travels through a series of ducts before reaching each room in your home. It’s important that the dampers, a tool used to control air flow by reducing it in one line and allowing more conditioned air to flow to other areas, is properly balanced. If the dampers in your home are not properly balanced, then some rooms may heat or cool faster than others.

Unexpected Rise in Heating & Cooling Costs

When problems arise with the heating or cooling in your home it’s easy to assume that the issue is with the HVAC system itself. Surprisingly, the problem is often times with the thermostat instead. Thermostats are essential for regulating timing and the amount of cold and hot air your HVAC unit produces. When a thermostat is malfunctioning, your home can suffer from extreme or mild temperature fluctuations impacting comfort and your heating/cooling bill.

Odors / Strange Noises

All HVAC units will produce odors from time to time but not all of them are necessarily problematic. For example, if you there’s a rotten egg smell coming from your HVAC system, this can indicate a potential gas leak. While this smell doesn’t necessarily mean an overall system failure is impending, it is something to take seriously as a gas leak in or around your furnace can be dangerous. Probably the most common odor produced from your HVAC system is mustiness. A stale or musty smell throughout your home can indicate that the condensate drain is not working properly. As mentioned above, excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow. This can be fixed by incorporating a dehumidifier into your HVAC system.

No matter how well you take care you take of your HVAC system, issues can arise. If you notice any of the problems listed above, contact the professionals at SameDay Heating and Air. To learn more, or schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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