Go Green & Save Money with a Home Energy Efficiency Audit

Are you tired of paying expensive bills? On average, people spend $1,900 a year on utilities. A big portion of this hefty price tag is spent on inefficiencies in your home. Luckily, investing in energy efficiency products can put that lost income back in your pocket. Going green and saving money go hand in hand.

In addition to saving some cash, energy efficient options will make your home a safer and more comfortable environment. If you are looking to jump on the ‘go green’ or ‘energy efficient’ bandwagon, we have the perfect solution for you.

One of our trained SameDay Heating & Air Home Energy Auditors can help make energy efficiency dreams possible. They will complete a thorough evaluation of your home and provide you with a detailed action plan. These energy efficiency suggestions will allow you to take control of your utility bills. You could potentially save $2,000!

Some companies charge over $400 for an energy audit. At SameDay Heating & Air, we offer an extensive energy audit for only $149. So make the smart choice and call (801) 726-3329 to set up your Home Energy Audit today.

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