Prevent a Plumbing Disaster This Thanksgiving

November 25, 2015

Did you know that plumbers get a lot of calls on Thanksgiving? It is due to the fact that family and friends are spending the holiday together. More people in your home equals more usage of your plumbing system. From clogged drains to clogged toilets, anything can happen. Below are some tips on how to prevent a plumbing disaster on Turkey Day.

Inspect Your Plumbing System For Problems
Before your guests arrive, inspect your plumbing system. If you notice a plumbing problem, do not sweep it under the rug. Have it fixed by one of our professionals prior to Thanksgiving. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Be Mindful Of What You Put In the Garbage Disposal
After a long meal, you might be tempted to toss all food leftovers into the garbage disposal. Don’t do it! Do not put fats, cooking oils, poultry skins, celery, fruit, or potato peels into the garbage disposal. After all, it could cause a clog.

Flush This, Not That
Toilet paper and human waste are the only two things that belong in the toilet. Items such as cotton balls, hair or wet wipes can cause a clogged toilet.

If you do experience plumbing problems this holiday, turn to the pros at SameDay Heating & Air. You won’t find better plumbers in Salt Lake City. We will fix your home’s issue and treat you and your family with the highest level of respect. Call (801) 726-3329 to request service.

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