Types of Furnace Filters

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Keeping your heating system well maintained will increase its efficiency and lifespan. A simple way to do this is to replace the furnace filter every so often. There are several different types of furnace filters you can choose from to install in your home’s heating system.

A furnace filter on the cheaper side will most likely be disposable. These filters usually have a cardboard frame and are made with inexpensive fibers to capture large particles of dust and debris. Most of these filters will have to be replaced about every month or two.

On the more expensive side you have the reusable furnace filters. These filters will have a metal or fiberglass frame and can be washed out for continued use. Depending on the type of reusable filter, these can last anywhere from a couple of months to a few years.

  • Mechanical – Usually disposable, mechanical filters are made of natural fibers that collect large particles in its meshing. For the average homeowner who doesn’t smoke or have allergies, this filter will do a decent job in improving air quality.
  • Electrostatic – Usually reusable, electrostatic filters are made up of polyester strands that become electrically charged. This charge will attract large and small particles of dust and debris to clean your home’s air. Clean these filters every three months or so.
  • Electronic – Of all the filters available, this is one that stands alone. Rather than using natural materials to attract dust particles, the these filters use electronic wires to attract all sizes of particles. Electronic filters are so efficient that they need to be cleaned once per week, or else their efficiency will be minimal.
  • HEPA – The most effective furnace filter is the High Efficiency Particle Absorber filter. With 99.9% efficiency, this filter will catch almost all particles in the air. Not many residential homes will have this filter, so you will mainly see these in hospitals and other sanitary places.

One of the most important pieces of HVAC maintenance is to replace your furnace filter. Each filter will have a recommended change date to let you know when it becomes inefficient. Unfortunately, the other pieces of your heating system does not let you know when parts malfunction or break. Schedule a service with the experts at SameDay Heating & Air to have your heating system inspected, serviced, and repaired. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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