Ways To Prevent An Electrical Fire

According to ESFI, there are approximately 51,000 electrical fires each year. Your safety is our number one priority here at SameDay Heating & Air. Below are some proactive steps you can take to prevent an electrical fire from occurring in your home.

Use Extension Cords Correctly

A lot of homeowners are unaware that they are using their extension cords incorrectly. Extension cords should only be used temporarily and should not be run under rugs or near furniture.

Have AFCIs Installed

An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is a receptacle that shuts off the power when the threat of a fire hazard is detected. If AFCIs were installed in all homes, it would reduce the amount of electrical fires by 50%.

Do Not Use Damaged Receptacles

When you notice that your receptacles are damaged, refrain from using them. Tampering with damaged receptacles accounts for 5,300 of the electrical fires that occur each year.

If you feel your electrical system is unsafe and could cause an electrical fire, do not delay. Turn to the electricians at SameDay Heating and Air for same day service. We are proud that our electricians are the most professional and best trained in Salt Lake City. Call (801) 726-3329 for service.

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