Why Is My Toilet Running?

The sound of a toilet that won’t stop running is the sound of money draining right out of your wallet. When the water doesn’t stop, there are many potential causes that you should investigate. The sooner you stop the flow when your toilet keeps running, the faster you will plug the hole in your utility bill, which can add up to hundreds of gallons of water per day.

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Potential Problem #1 – A Decayed or Cracked Flapper

The toilet flapper seals the water tank above the toilet. When it works correctly, you raise the lift arm by depressing the handle on the tank. The lift arm raises the flapper and allows the water to flow into the bowl. As the tank fills, the flapper sinks back down and reseals the tank.

Decayed or cracked flappers do not effectively seal the tank and allow water to continue seeping into the bowl. This causes a continual flow of water that won’t stop until the flapper is replaced.

Potential Problem #2 – Broken/Long Chain

If the chain on the flapper is too long or broken, it can prevent the flapper from sealing properly. If a long chain is the problem, all you have to do is unhook the chain and make it shorter by hooking it to another link. If it is broken, you will need to replace the chain to stop the running toilet from eating a hole in your budget.

Potential Problem #3 – Broken Float Arm

The float arm lifts when you depress the handle, which in turn raises the flapper. If it is bent or broken, it won’t properly seal the tank. If the float arm is bent, then you should bend it back into position so that it maintains the float ball at the proper height.

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Potential Problem #4 – Bad Float Ball

Float balls sit atop the water and float, which raises the float arm to the proper height, which helps keep the tank sealed. If the float ball is not high enough, it won’t stop the tank from filling. If the float ball has a crack, it will allow water to flow into the ball, which will cause it to sink into the water. This forces water into the overflow tube and results in the nonstop flow of water (and your money!) down the drain.

Problem #5 – Poorly Positioned Float Ball

If the float ball is set too low, it will result in a weak flush. If it’s too high, it will cause water to flow continuously. If the ball isn’t cracked and there are no problems with the arm or other components, try adjusting the height of the float ball. Often, this is all that’s needed to fix the problem.

Problem # 6 – Bad Overflow Valve

If the overflow pipe leaks, it is because the pressure within the toilet tank is too high. The overflow valve is designed to regulate how much water enters the tank. Usually, all that is needed when an overflow valve is the cause of continuously flowing water is to tighten it slightly to reduce the pressure. However, if the valve fails to regulate the flow of water, it may need to be replaced.

Problem #7 – Bad Refill Tube

The refill tube goes down into the overflow tube. This helps siphon water into the bowl. When the refill tube is damaged, broken, or loose, it prevents the overflow tube from properly functioning. This causes water to flow into the bowl without any restriction.

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