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Call SameDay today for the company with the best reviews in the Farmington area. As a result, our certified residential electricians want you to be happy with the electrical work we do. Certainly, whether you need an electrician to help with electrical installations, electrical problems, or electrical projects we can deliver. These services include outdoor lighting installation, whole home surge protection, outlet installation, appliance installation, basement wiring, hot tub wiring, or circuit wiring, we can help. Due to our knowledge and experience, we can take care of any electrical installation project or an electrical problem with our licensed electricians. Above all, make sure you call the professionals before you do any electrical wiring, electrical installations, electrical changes or electrical removal in your home. Hense, using one of our commercial electricians or a residential electrician for all your electrical needs is most beneficial. 


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Because there are numerous Electrical Companies all through Utah, yet there are many reasons to pick SameDay Heating and Air in Farmington, Utah. Also, we have had an Outstanding Reputation in the Electrical Business. Above all, SameDay has the Best Electrical Installers in the business. As a result, the work performed is extraordinary on every single Electrical Installation. Likewise, our services are done well and we focus on our clients’ happiness and needs. Similarly, with the top electricians at SameDay Heating and Air, you get excellent workmanship for both commercial electrical work and residential electrical work. Moreover, you can depend on our top electricians and electrical technicians today!


Farmington, Utah

Farmington is situated in Davis County, Utah. Due to its location, it is arranged between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake just north of Salt Lake City. The city itself covers about 10 square miles. As a result, the great area was settled in 1847 by the Haight family, a Mormon pioneer family.  In addition, they set up a farm and a motel. Since then, Farmington’s population has reached over 22,000.  As a result of its growth, it is known for its tree-lined streets, visual interest, and rich history.

Consequently, due to its location, Farmington incorporates streams from five unique canyons that move through the City.  In addition, Farmington Canyon offers incredible recreational open doors for running, climbing, bicycling, picnicking, horseback riding, angling, snowmobiling and outdoors. Davis County Fairgrounds is situated in West Farmington, it has horse hustling and rodeos you won’t want to miss. More importantly, Farmington is outstanding for Lagoon, which is the State’s biggest family carnival. Due to its location, Lagoon was initially known as Lake Park Resort; since it once lined the shores of the Great Salt Lake.  Because Lagoon was moved to its present site and renamed, it is now one of the biggest attractions in Utah.


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City Of Farmington

160 S Main  | Farmington, Utah  | 84025

Telephone: (801) 451-2383



Rocky Mountain Power

PO Box 25308  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84125

Telephone:  (801) 237-2293  | Toll-free: (888) 221-1070


Dominion Energy

PO Box 45841  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84139-0001

Toll-free:  (800) 323-5517

Emergency (24-hour service):  (800) 767-1689



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