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Best HVAC Salt Lake City Has To Offer!

Posted On: May 3, 2019

Spring is here in Salt Lake City and so is the warmer weather. Switching the thermostat from “heat” to “cool”…

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Keeping Your Home Cool Like a Southerner

Posted On: August 16, 2016

Nothing is hotter than the summertime down south. While everyone else in the country struggles with the heat, southerners are…

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Can You Use the A/C with a Newborn?

Posted On: August 4, 2016

When a new member of the family makes his/her way back to the house for the first time, parents can…

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5 Ways to Save on A/C Costs

Posted On: July 28, 2016

It can get hot during the summertime,­ real hot! Turning the A/C to the lowest temperature is the usual reaction…

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How to Maintain a Central Air System

Posted On: July 19, 2016

Having a forced air system is a common luxury in Utah because of the efficient heating and cooling of the…

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Steps For Winterizing Your Outdoor A/C Unit

Posted On: September 16, 2015

As fall approaches, many homeowners will turn off the A/C unit and call it a day. However, air conditioners need…

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An A/C Repair is Not a Summertime Meltdown

Posted On: June 30, 2015

Summers can be brutally hot. This upcoming summer is no exception to this rule. Spring is the ideal time of…

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Prepare Your A/C Unit for Hibernation

Posted On: September 2, 2014

Fall and winter are quickly approaching. Many homeowners turn off their A/C unit at the end of August and call…

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Keep Your Cool this Summer

Posted On: August 28, 2014

Once the professionals at SameDay Heating & Air have installed an air conditioning system in your home, you'll be cool,…

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“Jack of All Trades” At Your Service

Posted On: July 10, 2014

Say goodbye to your "Average Joe" plumber. At SameDay Heating & Air, we consider ourselves a "Jack of All Trades."…

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