Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Salt Lake City

Every 24 seconds, a fire department responds to a fire event somewhere in the United States. Not only that, but nearly 60% of home fire deaths were caused by fires with no working smoke alarms. Especially in the Greater Salt Lake City region where dry, desert conditions make fire risk particularly high, it’s critical for families to have properly working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed in their home. SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical provides the high-tech, smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that families need to remain safe.

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What Are Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

With home automation and security systems becoming the new norm in Salt Lake City homes, it comes as no surprise that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have joined the ranks of available smart home systems. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms seamlessly integrate with your existing home automation and security systems, helping you identify safety threats quicker and easier. These systems are capable of linking to your phone to notify you of fire and carbon monoxide risks, even if you aren’t currently at your residence.

At SameDay, we only carry the highest quality smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. Choose from our selection of top-quality products and have our team professionally install your system in your home.

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Benefits of Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation

Worried family standing outside of their home at night speaking with a firefighter.

Installing a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home can provide a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Faster Detection: While traditional smoke detectors sound an alarm when there is too much smoke in a room, smart systems go a step further by identifying when a room is too hot or has experienced a dramatic increase in temperature. This helps identify fire threats faster and more accurately than their traditional counterparts.
  • Alert Services: Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms send multiple notifications and alerts to many different parties, including your connected smart home devices, cell phone, and local fire department. You’ll even be notified of a potential fire even if you’re not at home since alarms will be sent to your smartphone.
  • Improved Reliability: Traditional smoke detectors require frequent battery changes and testing to ensure they work properly when disaster strikes. Smart systems, however, are capable of testing themselves and have a much longer battery life than their traditional counterparts. Plus, you can easily check the power level in your device by using the corresponding app on your smartphone.

Don’t leave your home safety up to chance by relying on outdated smoke and carbon monoxide systems. Bring the benefit of smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to your Salt Lake City residence by contacting SameDay today!

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For more than 64 years, SameDay has delivered on our promise to provide Salt Lake City families with the most reliable heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services possible. Our expert technicians are trained on the most advanced industry tools and techniques, installing state-of-the-art systems that help keep families safe. When you select our team for service, you’ll always enjoy:

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