The Basics of Video Camera Pipe Inspections

pipe inspection

The only way to avoid plumbing disasters is with regular checkups. Like any appliance you’ve ever owned, the pipes in your home will degrade over time. Plant intrusion, blockages, and other issues can limit their effectiveness, and lead to some serious repair costs should the problems remain untreated. In the old days, plumbers would have to dig intrusive trenches to inspect the quality of underground pipes. Luckily, technology has made the job much simpler with video camera pipe inspections. Here are some basic things you should know about the service.

What they are…

Video camera pipe inspections may seem complicated, but they are a rather simple process. One of our technicians will take a fiber-optic cable with a camera attached to the end of it, and then feed it through the pipe that needs to be inspected. These cameras are high-definition, and can provide video of each and every detail from the interior of the pipe. These inspections can be performed on branch lines, sewer lines, or even the main line that leads from your house to the sewer system. In short, a video camera inspection is a simple, non-intrusive way to check the integrity of the pipes in your home.

How they help…

These camera inspections are a cost-effective way to catch pipe damage early. The camera can reveal any breaks, cracks, or other damage present in your pipes. It can also reveal potential obstructions in the pipes themselves, the kind that you can’t simply snake out on your own. More often than not, our technicians will carry out one of these inspections prior to a routine service call. It allows them to properly ensure that they are addressing the problem correctly by checking their work afterwards. Furthermore, these video inspections remove the need for invasive procedures. No longer will your plumber have to tear up your backyard for a precautionary inspection!

When to get one…

There is no set guideline for how often you should have your plumbing system serviced. If you are in an older home with older pipes, then of course you will want to have routine visits from a technician. However, if you have just moved into a new home with a renovated plumbing system, then there is less of a need for regular check-ups. The most important thing is to have some sort of maintenance check before your systems go haywire. If you start noticing small problems here and there, get a technician out to your home. After all, nobody wants a plumbing disaster, and the best way to prevent one is with routine inspection. However, some disasters are quite simply unavoidable. Luckily, video camera inspections can help garner more insights into what caused to the problem and how to best fix it.

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