Fact or Fiction? The Truth About Plumbing Myths


There are certain things you see and hear about plumbing that you’ve always believed to be true. But you’re not a real plumber, so how are you supposed to know if what you heard was true? It’s time to find out the truth about some of the most common plumbing myths.

Myth: Ice cubes are perfect for sharpening the blades on a garbage disposal.

Fact: Shoving a few ice cubes into the garbage disposal won’t sharpen its blades, sorry! However, you will clean them off nicely with each ice cube they shred. Any food residue stuck onto the blades can eventually cause an unpleasant odor. Toss a few down the drain, turn that bad boy on, and voila­ a clean disposal!

Myth: Flushable wipes won’t harm the plumbing.

Fiction: While the package says “flushable” these wipes are far from flushable. Yes, they go down the drain and you don’t see them anymore, but they have a good chance of clogging the pipes. The only thing that should go down the toilet is toilet paper. Period.

Myth: Lemon peels will make my garbage disposal smell good.

Fact: Dropping a few lemon peels down the drain will for sure give your sink a nice zesty smell. However, throwing lemon peels down the drain could cause a clog if you’re not careful. Make sure your garbage disposal is powerful enough to break up these rinds.

While you might not be the plumbing expert you hoped to be, at least you know a few facts so you’re not a complete rookie! When you need an expert for a plumbing repair, contact the plumbers at SameDay Heating & Air. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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