Is My Thermostat Broken?

broken thermostat

When your furnace decides that it doesn’t want to turn on, don’t let the worry sink in right away. You may think that the furnace is broken, but it may be the thermostat that is fried. Learning how to test a faulty ​thermostat​ could save you from fixing a furnace that doesn’t need repair.

Step 1- Mess around with the settings before attempting to do any repairs. Make sure the thermostat is flipped to the “ON” position and that it is set to the “Heat” setting. Double check the batteries as well because some do require fresh batteries for operation.

Step 2 – ​Grab a partner and make them stand at the furnace while you stand in front of the thermostat. Switch the thermostat on and slowly raise the temperature. If the furnace does not make any sounds then the thermostat is not sending any signals and it may need replacement.

Step 3 – ​Turn off the breaker for the furnace’s circuit. Proceed to head back over to the thermostat and remove the plastic cover so you can access the wiring underneath.

Step 4 – ​Before you touch any of the wires, take a picture of the current setup so you can be sure that you will reconnect it correctly when you’re done. Loosen the screw labeled “R” or “Rh” and the other screw labeled “W.”

Step 5 – ​Pull out the wires from beneath those screws and tie the ends of each wire together.

Step 6 – ​Head back over to the breaker panel and turn the furnace breaker back on. If the furnace kicks on then it is the thermostat that is broken. If the furnace still refuses to go on, the problem lies within your furnace.

Troubleshooting a thermostat can be simply done in a few short and easy steps. When you need help replacing it or repairing the furnace, rely on the pros at S​ameDay Heating & Air.​ To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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