Tips on How to Fight the Dry Winter Air

winter air

The cold winter weather will force windows to close and heating systems to remain on. A lack of outside air will result in a drier, and overall poorer, quality of air. Take a stand and fight against the low indoor air quality during the wintertime.

Keeping the windows closed and the heat on will dry out the air in your home. Once air is on the dry side, it doesn’t feel as warm as moist air would. Therefore, you end up turning the heat higher; drying out the air even more. Using a humidifier will keep you from raising the heat, and unloading your wallet of its cash.

Natural Humidifiers
If you’re not interested in purchasing a humidifier for each room in your home, you can always go the natural route. Fill bowls of water up and place them scattered throughout the house near air ducts or radiators. Opening up the dishwasher after the wash cycle is done is also effective at humidifying the air. Opt out of the drying cycle and let that steam work its magic in the air!

Natural Air
The best way to improve air quality and humidity is to let the natural stuff from the outside, in. Don’t open all of the windows wide open because that will let out all of the warm air and hike up your utility bills. Every once in awhile, crack open a window and you will instantly relieve your home of its dry air.

Don’t let your family suffer from poor, dry air. Freshen your air up with a dash of humidity to keep energy bills lower and everyone happy. You should also consider having your heating system serviced by a professional at SameDay Heating & Air. This can improve energy efficiency and overall air quality in your home. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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