Top 6 Signs That You Need To Call a Professional Electrician

Electricity is so essential to modern life that we often take it for granted. When something seems off with our electrical system, we might soon forget about it as long as the TV keeps working and our phone charges.

When something goes wrong, we may be so eager to restore power that we forget the serious hazards of electricity and attempt to fix things ourselves. Please don’t do this! DIYing electrical work puts you and your family at risk of electrical shock, fire, and injury.

One of the best ways to prevent a serious electrical problem is to know the top signs it’s time to call a licensed electrician for safe, expert repairs.

Scorched, Discolored, or Hot Outlets

Electrical outlets protect you from electrical wires when you plug in appliances. If you notice scorched or discolored outlets, you have a wiring issue, and that outlet is no longer safe.

If an outlet feels warm or hot, the outlet is overheating because:

  • You’re overworking the outlet by plugging in too many things
  • The appliance has a higher voltage demand than the outlet can supply

Electric Shock

Electricity travels at about 90% of the speed of light, so no one can dodge an electric shock.

If you feel even a mild shock from an appliance or light switch, turn off the breaker to that area and immediately call an electrician.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

man flipping tripped circuit breakerIt isn’t that unusual or concerning for your circuit breaker to trip. That’s the purpose of a breaker — to switch off the electrical system when it becomes overloaded.

You can usually flip the switch back on and continue with your day. However, circuit breakers that trip multiple times a month are either a sign of faulty wiring or that you need a breaker panel upgrade.

Poor Appliance Performance

Electrical humming or buzzing from appliances indicates a poorly installed grounded wire, a bad connection, or overloaded electrical wires.

Appliances that take a long time to turn on or cause lights to dim when plugged in may indicate low voltage in your home. In both cases, electrical rewiring is likely needed.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

A single flickering light or light fixture indicates that the fixture needs repair, the electrical supply isn’t stable, or the bulbs are faulty.

Buzzing, flickering, or dimming lights when you use a high-voltage appliance or several appliances at once usually point to overloaded electrical wiring or low voltage.

Generator Startup Delays

A whole-home generator that hesitates or doesn’t immediately start likely has internal problems.

Even if the generator starts after a few tries, you should have it checked since it may completely fail next time. You may just need a simple fix, like a new fuel filter, but it’s best to let an electrician investigate the issue.

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