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Low Water Pressure: Not A High Pressure Situation

After a stressful, hot summers day, the best way to unwind is a long shower. But what if your water pressure just isn’t doing the trick? It won’t be as relaxing as you had imagined. Here are some tips to make sure your low water pressure situation isn’t putting pressure on you:

  • Freshen Up Your Faucet: Overtime, mineral deposits left behind by hard water can weaken the flow of water. Be sure to thoroughly clean your shower faucet and aerator screens by soaking them in white vinegar for a few hours.
  • Switch Your Shower Head: Purchasing a new shower head is a quick way to improve your shower’s water pressure; especially if your current shower head is an older model. They are inexpensive and can be found at your local hardware store.
  • Make Sure Your Water Valve is On: Someone in your home may have accidentally turned off the water valve in your home. Make sure that your water valve is on.

If you’ve exhausted all of these at home quick fixes, our professionally trained plumbers at SameDay Heating & Air can help. We can do a thorough investigation of your entire plumbing system, to see if there is a serious issue at large. Our plumbers are determined to pinpoint the problem and implement a solution. For example, if one pipe in your home is leaking, it can actually affect your plumbing system as a whole. Whatever the case may be, our experienced plumbers can take the pressure out of a high pressure situation. Give us a call at (801) 726-3329 and you’ll be enjoying those nice long showers again in no time.

low water pressure

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Thank you for the wonderful service your company provides. I am new to the area and got your number from the Yellow Pages. All of the ads looked alike. I called two other companies before I called Air Comfort. The first company did not show up.…

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When the air conditioning unit malfunctioned at our business it became unbearably hot. Fortunately, your technician was prompt, efficient, and helpful—even though he had to work late into the evening. His friendly, customer-oriented service was much appreciated and we want to make certain this type of…

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Just a note to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with a company such as yours. When appointments were made, they were kept! I must make special mention of the technician who installed our air conditioning unit. He worked hard, stayed with it…

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We appreciate such a good company with great customer service.

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We wish to thank you for the installation of our new Lennox furnace and air conditioner, but more than the implements, we are grateful for the careful consideration of your technician. He did a splendid job, which we are sure was above and beyond the call…

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