What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Taking a shower should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. If your plumbing system has low water pressure, it will not be as refreshing as you’d hoped. You might be wondering, what causes low water pressure in the first place? It is a very good question and we are here to answer it.

Mineral Deposits
Hard water is defined as water that has a high concentration of minerals. Overtime, these minerals can build up on your plumbing fixtures. This extra pressure on your plumbing system can cause low water pressure.

The average homeowner may not take a leak seriously. Not only can leaks cause damage in your home, they can also cause your plumbing system to have low water pressure. If you spot a leak in your home, have it fixed immediately.

Using Your Plumbing System During Peak Periods
Do you utilize your plumbing system at the same time each day? If so, it is possible that other people in your neighborhood are also utilizing their plumbing system at that time. Changing your schedule could help you avoid low water pressure.

At SameDay Heating & Air, low water pressure is not a high pressure situation. Our plumbers can help your pipes go with the flow again. Call (801) 726-3329 today to schedule service.

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