When to Call an Electrician


The electrical system in your home is like your brain in your body. As your brain keeps your body functioning, so does your electrical system in your home. It keeps the food in the freezer cold, it runs the images on your TV and computers and provides light throughout your house. Like your brain, it has a big job supporting all these features. Life without this great modern day convenience becomes unbearable for most. The electricity in your house is far too important to take a chance on. It is better to call an electrician. Below you will find some sure tell signs that you need to call a trained electrician.

1. Lights Flickering

If you use an appliance or turn something on, and your lights get dim or flicker, it’s a sign of an electrical problem. You may have too many things plugged into one circuit. You may have a larger appliance sharing a circuit when it needs to run on its own. You may need to have the setup reconfigured, or additional lines may need to be put in. Either way, it is not something you want to tackle on your own. Calling a professional electrical company is your best bet.

2. Not Enough Electrical Outlets

If you have a shortage of outlets, and a lot of power strips throughout your house it’s a good time to call a professional. Not only is it inconvenient to not have enough outlets, but it is also dangerous. Adding power strips to maximize your outlet space is typical in most homes, but having too many can cause a lot of problems. A professional can install the outlets you need to minimize the need for power strips and the annoyance of having wires across your rooms.

3. Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers

Occasionally a circuit breaker may trip and need to be switched back. If you have circuits tripping regularly, there is most likely a deeper problem in your house. You could have an overloaded circuit, or the electric currents could be unstable. Don’t wait to call a technician, you could have a dangerous electrical issue on your hands.

4. Wiring that is Outdated

If your home is older than 20 years, the electrical system should be updated. Older homes can have issues with proper grounding, damaged wires, as well as insufficient wiring for today’s larger appliances. These issues create safety hazards that need to be dealt with quickly.

5. Moisture on or Near Appliances and Electrical Panels

If you see rust or any other signs of moisture around electrical panels or appliances it is a serious cause for concern. Water damage can put your whole system at risk. Check regularly the appliances in rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms where there is more moisture present. If you see any sign of moisture, please call certified electricians to properly handle your concerns.

6. Warm Outlets and Switches

Go around your house and lightly touch outlets, switches, and any other electrical-system surfaces. If they feel warm, there is probably an issue. Other things to look for are blackening or discoloration on switch plates and wire ends. or any kind of shock on contact. These problems may indicate a wide range of problems, which would be best to leave to the professionals to figure out.

Dealing with electrical problems can be frustrating and dangerous. Call for a certified electrician at SameDay Heating & Air to fix any and all your electrical issues you may be having. Better safe than sorry what it comes to electricity. To learn more about our services and offers, give us a call today at (801) 726-3329.