Sewer & Drain Cleaning & Repair Services in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Need sewer and drain cleaning or repair? Now is the time to act. Most homeowners may not know just how much wear and tear their sewer and drain lines experience. All pipes as they age are prone to leaks, blocks, and breakage. You don’t have to just wait until there are issues, though. Be proactive, and call our Green Team®.

Let our certified and licensed SameDay Heating & Air, Plumbing, and Electrical professionals take care of your concerns today — contact our plumbing team by calling (801) 726-3329.

SameDay plumbers provide a comprehensive list of home sewer & drain services to Salt Lake City & the Wasatch Front area.

Signs You Need Sewer & Drain Services

Keep an eye out for the following warning signs in your home, as they can signal your need for drain or sewer repair:

  • Bad odors — If you can smell something strange in or around your home or outdoors, you may have sewage leaking somewhere.
  • Slow drainage or backups — Sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets should drain with ease. If they are backing up, it could be a sign that you need sewer repair.
  • Pooling water — There typically shouldn’t be pooling water in places that aren’t prone to it. This can mean that you have a sewer or pipe leak somewhere close to the surface. Don’t wait too long to call a professional, as this can cause things to worsen.
  • Bugs & rodents — Bugs and rodents feed off of sewage. If you notice an infestation happening on your property, your drain and sewer system may be to blame.
  • Lush patches of yard — If you notice that certain areas of your yard are especially green and lush, it could mean that they are stealing “fertilizer” from your plumbing system.

Choose SameDay Plumbers for Sewer & Drain Repair

SameDay plumbers can also offer customized maintenance programs to suit your unique needs.

When your sewer and drain systems break down or experience malfunctions, SameDay is the team you can always count on for responsive repair service and first-class solutions. Our expert plumbers know how to diagnose and fix any plumbing problem, and we’re fully equipped with the tools needed to get nearly any plumbing repair service completed efficiently during our first visit.

Call for our professional plumbing services. To schedule an appointment or request an estimate, call our Green Team® at (801) 726-3329.

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