6 Ways to Save on Heating This Winter

saving on heating costs

Saving on heating this winter doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 6 ways you can lower your heating bill while keeping the house warm.

1: Invest in Insulation

A surefire way to save on heating costs is to invest in some insulation. It traps the warmth inside when it’s cold, and can even keep the house cool in the summer months. Talk to a professional to determine which type of insulation you need in your house. From loose fill to foam boards, there are many different types and it’s important to use the right kind. Beyond your attic, outer walls, and crawl spaces, remember that you can also insulate your vent ducts. This allows them to operate more efficiently and vibrate less, thereby reducing noise while lowering that heating bill.

2: Seal up Leaks

Whether or not you realize it, there are likely small gaps in your home that are letting cold air in. Check all the doors and windows in the house for leaks, as well as any area where a pipe or vent goes through a wall. Once you have identified the key areas that need to be sealed, purchase some caulk and get to work. Remember, caulk will always work best on small gaps, so don’t get overzealous in your attempts to seal up large leaks. Your local hardware store should have the necessary supplies to fix those issues.

3: Leave Curtains Open

During the winter months, the sun can be your best friend when it comes to saving on heating costs. Be sure to leave as many curtains open as you can, as this allows the natural heat from the sun to warm up the house, preventing the furnace from having to run all day long and drive up that pesky heating bill.

4: Keep Heating Registers Clear

There’s nothing more tempting than shacking up next to the heating vent during the cold winter months, but it’s important to remember that they need room to breathe! Blocking off heating registers forces your furnace to blow out more hot air, thus increasing its workload. Not only can this lead to issues with our furnace due to overuse, but it will also drive up heating costs. Make sure to move any blankets or furniture pieces that are blocking the airflow and keep those registers clear.

5: Adjust Thermostat Temperatures for Day and Night

One of the finest ways to save on heating costs is to adjust the thermostat temperature throughout the day. During the morning and afternoon hours when you’re at work (or the kids are at school!) lower the household temperature to 68 degrees. It’s been demonstrated that for every 1 degree decrease in household temperature, you can see as much as 4% savings on your heating bill. Furthermore, it’s cost-effective to lower the thermostat at night. When everyone is sleeping, it can be wasteful to keep the entire house heated, so knock down that temperature and witness the savings.

6: Schedule a Tune-Up

As is customary with the arrival of winter, it’s ever so important that you schedule a tune-up for your furnace. The key to lower energy bills is having a well functioning home heating system. The pros at SameDay Heating and Air know exactly what they are doing, and can ensure that your systems are in tip-top shape. The inspection will ensure that your furnace’s burners are properly adjusted, the combustion chamber is in good condition, and that everything is venting properly.

Saving on heating costs doesn’t have to be difficult. Request a heating inspection by contacting the pros at SameDay Heating & Air. To learn more, or schedule an appointment with a professional, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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