Keeping Your Home Cool Like a Southerner

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Nothing is hotter than the summertime down south. While everyone else in the country struggles with the heat, southerners are used to it and have adapted how they live. Rather than cranking the A/C, everyone should take a page out of a southerner’s book.

Your Biggest Fan

Sure, you can blast your A/C unit, but you should be utilizing your ceiling fans to save on cooling costs. By keeping your air conditioner on a comfortable level AND having your ceiling fans on, you can circulate the cool air. Make sure the fan is spinning in a counterclockwise direction so the air is blowing down on top of you to create a wind chill effect.

Cook Outside

Why raise the temperature of your home by cooking your food inside of the house? Utilize your grill during the warm months to keep the excess heat and smoke outside. Using the oven and stovetop during the day will drastically increase the temperature of your kitchen and the surrounding rooms. Plus, what’s better than some good southern BBQ?

Keep Covered

Direct sunlight is a major reason why your home can become so overwhelmingly hot. Consider planting trees around your home to block some sunlight from beaming onto your home. For additional coverage, think about installing awnings on your porch so you can sit in the shade on a hot day. Don’t forget about adding shades and curtains to your windows to block any direct sunlight from entering your home.

There are ways to keep cool in the summer rather than keeping the air conditioner on the coldest setting. However, utilizing these tips with a comfortable A/C setting will allow you to be the most comfortable during a heatwave. If your A/C unit needs its yearly maintenance, repair, or needs to be replaced, contact the experts at SameDay Heating & Air. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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