What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

plumbing clog

A lot of people will flush things down their toilet without giving it a second thought. Just because it disappears from the bowl doesn’t mean it’s out of your plumbing. Certain items were not meant to be flushed so it’s important to know which items do not belong.
Items disposed of this way will slowly head deep into your home’s plumbing. If it’s not toilet paper or human waste then there’s the chance that it will cause a blockage. Items that do not naturally break up after sitting in water for an hour are not meant to be flushed. Otherwise they can clog your plumbing and damage your septic tank.

  1. Baby Wipes – While they do the same job as toilet paper, they should never be flushed. These wipes are thicker than toilet paper and do not naturally break up on their own.
  2. Feminine Products – Many of these products will expand as soon as they come in contact with liquids. For obvious reason keep these out of your toilet — otherwise a clog is guaranteed to be in your future.
  3. Hair – Always have a drain protector over your shower drain, but also remember to not flush hair from a brush down the toilet. Hair can tangle up and latch onto things very easily.
  4. Pets – It is common for a family to flush the household goldfish. This shouldn’t be done, but it isn’t so bad compared to the families that flush their hamsters, gerbils, and lizards. Remember that plumbing is for human waste; it’s not a pet cemetery.
  5. Prescription Drugs – It’s possible for whatever that is flushed to wind up back into the drinking water supply. Flushing medicine can be ingested by people as well as any marine life that comes in contact with that water.

Flushing something down the toilet is easy and convenient, but beyond harmful. By avoiding flushing some of these common items you can save yourself money in plumbing repairs and services. For those who do have plumbing problems, contact the experts at SameDay Heating & Air. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 726-3329.

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